Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts Worth Thinking About

About a month ago, I got on a house cleaning kick. I started receiving the Fly Lady emails everyday and was enjoying a good routine of cleaning. It was fun to get her emails and it has been good to clean things out and "de-clutter." But, after about a month of this, I started to get the itch to fill up my free time with something I really enjoyed doing and don't get the chance to do very much...READING!
I LOVE to read and I'll read basically anything. I have a bad habit of reading the first few chapters of a book or skipping around in the book reading only what looks interesting. (Hey, if you're a busy mom, you'll understand and you wouldn't want to waste your time on a chapter you didn't care about!)
I just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and I today I finished Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot by Elisabeth Elliot.
This was a very thought provoking book. I would recommend it highly. It only took me about a week to read. It's a very easy read and very interesting. Jim Elliot had a lot of ideas that I have been thinking about lately, and here is one I'll share with you...
"I am now aware that my reasons for not being engaged [to his future wife, Elisabeth Elliot] are hidden in the counsels of God's Spirit. I simply know it is not for now-that knowledge is inward, God-given, and to be obeyed at whatever cost. There are no explanations except that God leads, and He does not let a man know why He leads. Faith binds a man to what he knows inside, like may coming to Ecuador. the world could not shake the persuasion. 'The just shall live by faith.' Faith-not alone in facts and a rational apologetic-but in the reality of the inward work of the anointing which he possesses though the gift of the Holy Spirit. I must maintain a surer belief in the Spirit of God. It is no mere tenet of faith that He indwells the believer. he does indwell, and there He accomplishes His work of informing the spirit of man."
Taken from Shadow of the Almighty, page 174&175
I can apply this to so many area's of my life right now. If we are "dwelling in the house of the Lord...gazing on His beauty," and, "seeking His face," and waiting on Him, He will lead and guide us. This is SO good and comforting to me!
Some other books that are in line for me to read:
Oxygen (given to me by my mother-in-law...not sure what it's about)
The Poisonwood Bible
Three Cups of Tea
I also really enjoy reading books to Reece (and I would love reading to Joe, too, IF he would sit still for long enough!) We go to the library about once a week and get as many books as will fit into our library bag. I think I'm just as excited to read them as she is! Then, we end up loving one or two of the books we've read and I have to put in on our Amazon wish list! :) A few books on this list right now are:
Where is Bear?
Puff the Magic Dragon
Skinny Brown Dog
Dora and the Magic Snow Princess (Reece's pick :)
Big Brown Bear's Birthday Surprise (and other Big Brown Bear books)
The Missing Chick
We have also been getting a lot of audio books, too. Haven't found many we really like, though.
Do you have any favorite books for either me or Reece to read? What about audio books? Any suggestions?


Karina said...

Checkout the Sonlight Curriculum website and look at their book lists. All of their books are great!

cristina said...

my comment is about reading to joe. keep reading...he is likely listening.

we had a librarian/teacher come to talk to us back when i did MOPS and she encouraged reading even if they weren't still. and don't be afraid to do voices. :) that helps us.

and now i know that michael is absorbing despite the constant motion.

read on! :)

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