Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 month stats

We finally made it to Joe's 4 month check-up even though he's almost five months.
He weighed 17.0 pounds and was 26 1/2 in long. That's 75th percentile for both. So, not as big as I thought he would be. Everyone always comments on how big he is, so I thought for sure he'd be above 90th percent! Although, he has dropped in weight from 90th percent to 75th, so I guess we should start the solids soon. I've been putting it off b/c it's just one more thing to squeeze into the schedule and one more thing to buy!

Answers to some questions: We went to King's Orchard to pick strawberries and we went to Independence Texas to see bluebonnets (right past the blue bell factory). But, you can really just drive down 290 and stop anywhere to see them.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

YAY! Only 75th, huh :) Don't you just love the big boys? Good luck with solids. That's always fun :)

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