Monday, March 23, 2009

Funny Reece

-Reece named her hands Bob and Larry.

-She named her Daddy's hands Susie and Emily (her dolls' names)

-She pronounces "grasshopper" "Hoss-grapper" And we don't correct's too funny

-She is very open about sharing her feelings. She will say "I'm sad" or "I'm not very happy today" Or "A noka will make me happy"

-"Noka" is her made-up word for a sippy cup or a regular cup of some kind of liquid.

-She likes to shorten words. For example, saying "dipe" for "diaper" and "monk" for "monkey"

-We read so many books that sometimes she'll speak as if she were reading a book. She'll narrate what's going on. For example, if Joseph's jumping in the jumper, she'll say "'This is fun!' Joseph shouted" "'I got a boo-boo!' cried Reece"

-She thinks everything is "beautiful." "Mommy, your hair is beautiful," or, "What a beautiful stool!" Which is what she said while going potty at Anne's house.

-When we were into intense potty training, I would think of almost anything to say or sing so that she would go in the toilet. I said to her once, "Reece, be really quiet. I think I hear your pee-pee coming!" So now, every time on the toilet right before she starts going, she'll say, "Mommy, do you hear it?"

-The other day after disciplining Reece for something she said, "Mommy, I lost my smile." It was so sad and pathetic, but funny, too.

-She calls her clothes hamper "hamster"
She is very smart and silly and always keeps us laughing!!


Jaclyn said...

this is hysterical!!!
my favorites are the "i lost my smile" and "this is fun! Joseph shouted" sooooo SO precious!

Dillon, Emily and Micah said...

OH MY!!!! Reese is too funny! Thanks for sharing some of her cuteness. :)

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