Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Week

We had such a fun and busy week this past week. It all started from a visit with Daniel's grandparents. They have been in town off and on for the past few weeks, so we have been blessed to spend lots of time with them. They came to dinner for their last visit before heading back to Washington. Reece really loved spending time with them.

Joe giggling with Grandma Lin.

Grandpa Dale reading with Reece.
Goin' on a berry hunt!
My friend Anne, her son John, Reece, Joe and I all went to strawberry pickin'! It was lots of fun and we got to eat some yummy strawberries. Reece picked strawberries, played in the sand, and took a bite out of every strawberry before putting it into the pail!
John and Reece in Anne's BOB!Joe rode happily in the pouch.

Yea, you found a nice red one!

We also took our first trip to the Childrens' Museum. We were a big group: Grandmama, Aunt Lora, Cousins Christian, Jacob and Rowan, Daddy, Mommy, Joe and Reece. It was so fun and overwhelming! And SO crowded b/c it was spring break. Of course, Mom left the camera in the car, so this picture is of a very tired Reece on the way home with the doggie Grandma got her in the gift shop. She passed out all the way home, of course :)

Cute matching brother and sister!

I'm so bad about working on things like "tummy time." But, we have Joe's 4 month check up next week, so I better get him working on it! Everyone ALWAYS comments on how big our boy is. I don't know how much he weighs, but he is in 6-9 month clothes, and some 12 month clothes!

We also went to have a picnic with our great small group friends yesterday in the bluebonnets. Of course, I forgot the camera. I hope someone got some good pics to share with me :)


Jaclyn said...

these pictures are ADORABLE. I can't believe how big baby Joe is!! My favorite pic is the picture of your two babies together in the matching clothes. PRECIOUS!

Dillon, Emily and Micah said...

Where did ya'll go to pick strawberries?

mmnevill said...

Where did you go to see bluebonnets? I want to take the kids this week!

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