Sunday, March 1, 2009

Four Months

Joe-Man is four months old today!! I thought this picture was so cute! I think it looks like a little school-boy picture. Joe is such an amazing addition to our family. It's like he's been a part of our family forever. When he's not in my arms, I really feel naked! He loves his mommy so much and that's probably because he's always in my lap or looking at my face. It's not that he's a fussy baby, it's just that I love holding him. And, Reece is also very fond of him. She's always asking, "Where's Joseph" (sounds like "Doe-suff" when she says it). She loves picking out his shirts, giving him toys, and taking baths with him. We love his cute laugh and his big smile.

Although this picture makes it seem that he is in a happy mood, no one in our house has been in a happy mood all weekend. Mommy has been sick and everyone knows when mommy is sick, no one is happy! Reece and Joseph have also been sick, so we've all be lying around all weekend. Daniel has been working nights and helping as much as he could (he even went in late one night so he could put the kids to bed.) And my mom came to help. Thanks Daniel and Mom!!

I'm so hoping for a great night's sleep and a healthy week!!
Here's some brother and sister love! :)

After I took this picture, Joe grabbed a handful of Reece's hair and Reece burst into tears...

it took me few seconds to free her hair from his firm baby grip as her screaming in terror continued...
bother and sister love moment cut short...

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