Friday, March 13, 2009

Cute Faces

Flying Joe

Reece has many faces. Here are just a few...
Sad Face.
Scary Face.

Squishy Face.

Surprised Face.
(and yes, that is our dog shocker collar she is wearing as a hat, and no, it wasn't on!)

Joe and Monkey Friend.

Reece is now calling Joe her "best friend." I told her that I wanted them to be best friends, so now she is saying things like, "Where is my best friend," or "I'll give this toy to my best friend." SO cute!
See previous post for videos!!


Lindsee Lou said...

They are both so cute, Becky! I love when you post pictures of them!

Jonathan said...

Love the faces! And I LOVE that Reece calls him her 'best friend.' That is TOO much! I'm praying so hard that Jonathan will feel that way about his little sibling. --Shanna

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