Friday, July 17, 2009

More Apartment Pictures

By the way, I guess you could tell that I found my camera charger! I remembered in my sleep that it was in the back pack pouch that we put Joe in a the Grand Canyon which was still in the trailer. :)
This is the small playground next to our apartment. The kids love the airplane.
Reece sitting on the big turtle.

The park. They also have lots of outdoor toys for the kids to use. Reece likes to ride on the "razor" with Daddy and get pushed in the big car.

The apartments.

On the left is the apartments and on the right is the MAF headquarters where our classes our. So, it's literally only a few yards away, which is great.

Our apartment.

The back porch of our apartment. There are three building and each have one two bedroom, one one-bedroom, and one studio (only one room)

And a bonus pic of Joe in his dragon towel (or dinosaur or lizard...we aren't sure :)

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