Saturday, July 4, 2009

Road Trip Adventure Day 6

Becky has handed the blog over to me (Daniel) for this post. The views and opinions expressed in this posting do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the blog manager (Becky).

Random Stories From the Road
Since our last update we have spent two nights at the Grand Canyon (referred to from this point forward simply as the G.C.). So far all of our driving has gone pretty well and the kids have been cooperative. Becky is such a wonderful and patient mother and has worked so hard to keep the kids entertained and happy. She also has had some pretty awesome food on the menu (very important in the opinion of the Chauffeur). That's French for driver.

We made some friends with genuine modern day hippies at the G.C. They bought a trailer on craigslist and left Clearwater FL on June 1st with a final destination of California. We enjoyed our chats with Chip and Michael (there were three more but we didn't meet them) and were sad to see them go.

If we got a dollar for every 1-800-RV4Rent camper we saw we would have chartered Air Force One (complete with F-16 fighter jet escorts) to take us the rest of the way. In all seriousness those things are more abundant than rabbits during springtime. If you would like more information you can visit them online at

My beautiful family. Reece wanted to sit on her "own rock." She also had to walk on the rocks that lined the trail. This made for some slow going but it made Reece so happy.

My beautiful little girl. She was more interested in climbing on the rocks, going up and down the stairs, and exploring the "jungles" (any tree or bush) than she was in the G.C.

The author and his Herculean son.

Reece running down the path to the G.C. on our first day there.

It was a long way down from where we were standing. We're not as close to the edge as we look. Would you like a fabulous family photo like this one? Follow these simple steps:
1. Find appropriate spot for photo.
2. Find appropriate rock to rest the camera on while taking photo.
4. Have your wife stand in the appropriate spot while you get the camera angled "just right."
5. Set the automatic timer on your camera and make a mad dash to get into place.
6. Wait 30-45 seconds for 10 second timer to go off.
7. Go back to the camera and repeat steps 4-6.
8. Say thank you to the kind stranger who offered to take the picture for you.

The whole family looking super fly.

Becky living life on the edge.

This was taken only moments after Reece's first glimpse of the G.C. (if you are not sure what the "G.C." is please see above and read a little more carefully. You miss priceless stories if you only look at the pictures). She was EXTREMELY disappointed when she found out we couldn't go to the bottom.

Well, that about sums up the last few days. We're spending tonight (Saturday) at the K.A.O .(Where Kamping is Kool) in Panguitch Utah and will be in Salt Lake City tomorrow night. We plan to arrive in Nampa on Monday. Thank you all for your prayers. We miss you guys!


Nalley Family said...

Thanks for the update!! It was great to talk to you for a little bit tonight!! Give those kids big hugs for me!!

Marianne said...

Daniel you did a fine job on the post. Becky I am sure is proud of your work! Thanks for letting us know what was up! We continue to hold you all in prayer.

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