Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life in Idaho

So, we have been here in Idaho for over a month now. We have made some good friends so far! The only other couple with kids here has two boys, 5 and 6 years old. There names are Gabriel and Christopher. Their babysitter is the sister of our babysitter, so they often get together and play or watch movies. Since we had the security seminar this past week, there were several other families here in the apartments for that. Our new neighbors had two little girls, and one is three, just a few months older than Reece. Her name is Kaitlyn and she and Reece became buds right away (it helped that she had a set of "princess barbies" that Reece loved to play with.) This week, the kids have been roaming from apartment to apartment playing with all the different toys and making up games. Here they are in our apartment today while we were at class...

Christopher (I'm pretty sure they were taking pictures of each other!)


The gang

Kaitlyn and Christopher

The gang making silly faces

The Pout - It's hard to say no to those beautiful blue eyes! (I think she was pouting here because she wanted to put more of my lip gloss on, which you can see is already all over her face.)

Last weekend we all went to part of a lake called Lucky Peak. We went there last year
but it was fun to go back this year with all the new friends we have made. Our whole class, plus the short-term teacher Erica all came and spent the day there together. The water is ICE COLD and I was determined NOT to get my swim suit on because it did NOT want to be pressured into getting in. But, of course, in order to chase my two kids around, I ended up getting suited up. But, I only went in to my knees! :)

And here's our sweet boy yesterday on his 9 month birthday!! He is crawling, pulling up, making all kinds of new sounds, eating three meals of baby food a day, throwing small balls, kissing, and I've caught him clapping a few times, but he doesn't do it on command yet. I remember at this age with Reece, she was almost completely feeding herself bits of food for every meal. But, with Joe, he is still so gaggy. He can eat bits of Cheerios, bananas and other soft food, but he still gags a lot. So, he's really all on baby food, even though I'm ready to make the switch. I guess every baby really is different! :)
Here you can see Reece at 9 months old eating all kinds of food (avocado, cheese and so kind of orange fruit)

Reece's nine month picture for comparison.
The next two weeks were are focusing on learning how to build our ministry partnership team. Look for our very first official newsletter in the mail coming to you soon!

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