Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We finally made it to Nampa, Idaho on Monday evening. Our last day of driving was long and the kids were a little fussy, but they did SOOO well the entire week and I'm so thankful for that. We could handle a few hours of whining on the last day. We were busy reading the book Funding your Ministry the last few days of the trip. It's a really excellent book if anyone needs information on the subject.

Anyway, we arrived at our cozy apartment and are settling in well. I wanted to post pictures of it, but I'm looking around at all the exploding suitcases and full kitchen table, so I'm rethinking that and I'll try to pick up and take pictures after I post this :) Our apartment is RIGHT across from the MAF officesCheck Spelling. I mean, like, only a few yards away. The apt's are less than a year old and very nice. They are stocked with everything you could need (I ended up leaving a lot of the stuff I brought in the trailer) and lots of fun toys and extra things for the kids. Right down the sidewalk is a small playground with sand and a big airplane and turtle for the kids to play on (I'll take a pic of that, too) There are also lots of outdoor toys for the kids. The apt is only ONE bedroom with a sleeper sofa in the living room. We put Reece and Joe in the one bedroom together and Daniel and I are sleeping on the sleeper sofa at night. It really hasn't been as bad as I thought I would be. The only thing is it's been hard for us to get all unpacked since Joe is in the bedroom so much sleeping!! :) We are very comfortable here and thankful for the nice apartments from MAF. (They are FREE for us while we are here...YEA!!) I was grumpy about the fact that we only had one bedroom because I know that there are two apts with two bedrooms UNTIL I found out that there is a family here on furlough with SEVEN kids in one of the two bedrooms!!! YIKES!! (I'm still curious about who is in the other 2 bedroom :)

Reece still isn't sleeping well, but at least she's not waking up screaming for an hour like she was a few weeks ago. She still wakes up at least two times a night and we have to go lay with her. She also has a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night. I think it might be because it's so bright out until at least 10pm. Last night we just let her lie in bed and we heard her talking to Joe and him laughing! (he was asleep when we put her in there, but I guess he woke up to her talking)

We are going to get our "notebooks" today, so I guess we'll find out more details about our time here. We are also going to talk to the girl who will be watching our kids while we are in class. Her name is Julie and she is the daughter of one of the staff at MAF who we know well, but we've never met her. Please pray for her: That she'll love our kids and be patient and kind with them. Also, that she'll do fun activities with them and that Reece will obey her and that Joe would not be fussy with her. As you can imagine, I'm not thrilled about leaving my kids all day, but I know God has the best plan for them and He is their protector. They are HIS, not mine!! :)

We are having a fun and relaxing time between our travels and before our classes start. Yesterday we hit up the shopping of Nampa (JC Penny's :) and went out to dinner. We have been over to the offices to say hi and Daniel is going out with a friend today. Reece loves the park and her "new" toys, and Joe is loving rolling around on the nice, clean carpet of our apt and working on his crawling skills!! He is SOOO cute. I'll have to include some pics of him, too, in my next picture post.

Since the kids are waking up SO early (5:45-6:00am) we decided to go on a morning jog together this morning. We hope to make it a habit considering that with the chaos of the past few weeks, we have not been exercising at all.

Please pray for our time here in MAF. These first two weeks are really important as we decide, along with MAF, what our country assignment will be. Please pray for wisdom and God's leading for us and for the staff at MAF. Also, we hope to bond with some of the other families in our candidacy class. We hear there is only one other family with children-two boys around 5 and 7 years old. But, we haven't met anyone yet.

Okay, I think that's all for now. Sorry, I'm trying to get better about posting shorter posts more frequently!! :)

Pictures to come later on today!


The Boudreaux Family said...

Your whole journey is amazing to me. Many blessings on you and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Nalley Family said...

Thanks for the update! I am so glad Reece loves the new toys! I am praying she will sleep well and love her time with Julie! Give Reece and Joe big hugs from us!

junglewife said...

So glad you made it! That is a long trip with little ones - glad they did great.

Those apartments are nice, aren't they? We were in one of the 2-bedroom ones, and that was sure nice! My brother came and stayed with us a few days so he was on the sleeper sofa! Actually there are 3 units and each unit has one of each type of apartment, so there should be 3 2-bedroom apartments. I bet the families staying there are families coming home from furlough or something like that...

Hope you guys enjoy your time there. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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