Friday, July 17, 2009

Video Post!

I really wanted to get some good footage of Joe's new crawling skills, but he's kinda camera shy, it seems. He does crawl in this video, but not as fast as he usually does. I got to stay home with the kids today, and Joe just followed me all around the apartment. It was so cute!

Our class took a field trip to a mosque today, but Reece has had a stomach virus since yesterday, so I stayed home with the kids. She has bee really miserable, and I was sad to miss the field trip, but I was really glad to be able to spend some time with Joe and take care of Reece.

In this one, first Reece shows me how SHE can crawl, then it's Joe's turn. This poor boy cannot hide any of his emotions. His face is so expressive!

I think Daniel has really been enjoying his extra time with the kids!

Here's some footage of Reece getting some major tickles from Daddy. She says, "That's enough!"

And, finally, Reece's exercising session.

We are really enjoying out time here. Our classes have been really good and informative. We are bonding with the others in our class and the MAF staff, too. We had a meeting last Tuesday with the candidate committee, which is the team of people who decide where our family will be assigned. The meeting went really well. We were able to share some of our thoughts on what our preferences and concerns are. We'll have our "acceptance meeting" this coming Tuesday where we'll officially be accepted to MAF and we'll receive our country assignment. We are very excited, but I'm nervous, too! I think the main two options are Indonesia or Africa (possibly Lesotho or Democratic Republic of Congo). MAF also needs people in Eurasia, so that's a possibility, as well.

Please be praying for God's hand in our placement and wisdom for the MAF staff who are making this decision.

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Nalley Family said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and the video update!! I am so glad that you guys are having good family time together. I am praying for the MAF staff and you guys as your assignment is finalized. We miss you!!

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