Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Road Trip Adventure Day 3

It is starting to rain, so I have to make this quick. Today went so great with about 6 hours of driving and everyone was happy. Reece is loving the treats that some of our friends gave us for our road trip (The glitter pens and the little doggie were a big hit today). We are in Holsbrook (I think) AZ and tomorrow only have a 177 mile drive to the grand canyon (which Reece thinks is "a big hole")
Thanks for the prayers, setting up the camper/dinner time/bed time went much smoother tonight!)
Gotta go-computer getting wet!!

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Marianne said...

I love the pictures! I am glad you guys are getting into the swing of road life. We miss you all! THANK YOU for posting so often. It makes me feel a tiny bit better about you all being away. :)

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